Invest In Yourself

For any real estate needs, contact SIMS in Columbus, Ohio
There will be mistakes and blunders during your journey to success.  However, they can be minimized using an experienced Coach.  SIMS will act as a sounding board and coach for like-minded real estate investors looking to expand their knowledge and experience as a Real Estate Investor. 

I am so excited that you reached out to me about coaching as a Real Estate Investor.

My experience has not been text book, or as you may have seen/heard at the seminars/rally's or maybe even early morning infomercials -- I have used a lot of my own money and my credit has always been a factor when trying to borrow money for a deal.

Worst mistake/s that I made were; greed, arrogance and not being fully aware that "I DON'T KNOW WHAT I DON'T KNOW"!

I do not have a fancy layout for you to go step by step, I only have knowledge that I would LOVE to share with you and any others that are entering this industry whom seek success, but also desire to minimize damage and mistakes along the way.

I am not filthy rich, although I am still working towards that goal, or at least as close as I can get :)

I hope to earn your business, but most of all, I hope to earn another REI connection!

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